Infrared Remote Control

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A simple one-channel remote control. It will trigger a relay upon press of a button.



Parts List

Component Value Qty
Resistor [R1] 11K, ¼W 01
Resistor [R2] 1M, ¼W 01
Resistor [R3] 1K, ¼W 01
Resistor [R4, R5] 100K, ¼W 02
Potentiometer [R6] 50K 01
Capacitor [C1, C2] 0.01uF, 16V 02
Capacitor [C3] 100pF, 16V 01
Capacitor [C4] 0.047uF, 16V 01
Capacitor [C5] 0.1uF, 16V 01
Capacitor [C6] 3.3uF, 16V 01
Capacitor [C7] 1.5uF, 16V 01
Transistor [Q1] 2N2222 01
Transistor [Q2] 2N2907 01
Transistor [Q3] NPN Phototransistor 01
Diode [D1] 1N914 01
IC [IC1] LM308 01
IC [IC2] 567 01
LED [LED1] Infrared LED 01
Relay 6V Relay 01
Switch [S1] SPST Push Button 01
Battery [B1] 3V 1



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